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About Us

Brand Defianz BRAND DEFIANZ™

Defianz™ stands for improved living products for home, office, personal and medical use. Headquartered in Santa Clara, California (US) – with operations across Australia (Sydney), India (Mumbai), Korea (Busan) and China (Shanghai), our focus is on manufacturing ergonomically designed lifestyle products which promote comfort, convenience, well-being and general good health.

With multiple manufacturing bases spread across mainland China and Taiwan, our exquisitely designed and skillfully crafted products are eco-friendly, child safe and meet the strictest international product quality and safety standards.

Why DEFIANZ™? What do we stand for?

Defianz™ appeals to the inherent “DEFIANT” nature in each one of us. Defianz serves as a wake up call – to new possibilities of living a more comfortable and convenient lifestyle, leaving frustration and irritation behind, caused due to discomfort & inconvenience at home and work. We are all about improved living and ensuring that you get the better life that you deserve.

Our Philosophy and values..

We place the customer experience at the core of all we do
We are committed to our people
We operate our business ethically
We grow our business profitably
We strive continually to improve

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